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 Coincleaning and coincare

As time passed, coins become tarnished, but most it is extraneous for the impairment. 
Its important to pay intention, that you never polish your coins with a cleaning rag, because it can leave marks on your coins and after that it brings about a considerable impairment. 
Just use  special  cleaning-baths and never put coins with various metals in the same bath at ones. 
Quality substances are concerned for a fast and gentle cleaning.
In relation to their contamination, immerse your coins for 4 up to 8 minutes into the bath.
The cleaning-baths are available for gold coins, silver coins, copper-nickel coins, brazen coins and Bi-metal coins (euros).
Furthermore there is a mild coincleaner for all those coins without de-oxidation and for all nobel metals.
After your cleaning, you have to wash your coins with clear water and then you have to blot dry your coins with a soft cloth.
Please avoid the direct contact with your fingers.
In this case you have to use special coinpincettes or coingloves
If you want to take a look on your coins without pincettes or coingloves, please just touch your coins at the edge.
If you want a professional cleaning for your coins, you have to use a vibrationcleaner or an ultrasonic-cleaner
These units prune your coins of grease, fingerprints and other gutter-attachments. 
You can fill your units with water or special coinbaths.
After this cleaning, you should put your coins into an airtight sleeve like coincapsules or coinframes.
Special coincaskets or coinboxes are a perfect retention for your coins.
If you decide to use a coinalbum, please pay attention that their plasticsheets are comprised of unplasticized material.
Elderly coins like Empire maybe have pretty and steady Patina, please don't remove these Patina.